Son qua!

Just to reassure ya’ll that I have not fallen off the face of the earth: I’m simply trying to accomplish 2 things at once – get a new (to me, but to few others!) production of Barbiere on it’s feet in a very short amount of time, with all the normal challenges that seem to plague this particular opera house, and trying not to suffocate in the heat here in Milano. The first task being FAR easier than the second!

Will catch up soon, but in the meantime, one of my very favorite photos from a second adventure inside the Louvre….


  1. SEH said…

    Hi Joyce,

    Don't think we'll make it to the Scala Barber but La Dame in Paris was a delight. What an incredible cast with you in the lead.

    We're looking forward to the next time we see you, should be at the Met.

    I got a couple of good shots at the signing session with my wife getting the London Barber signed. We loved that performance.


    Erne Hellström

  2. Antxi said…

    Hi Joyce

    I saw you twice in Paris last month and it was amazing to be there, listening you in that wonderful Rossini character. And you were really kind when I went to see you after the performance on 24, and I took you some photos with friends, and my mum – I always travel with my parents, they pay :p – took me one with you (BTW, Beautiful red dress 😉 ). Thank you.

    I'm seeing you again in Milan! I love the way you sing Rosina (I saw you in London too, the "wheelchair" performances) and I'm really exited to be there on 23. Hope we can meet after the great performance I'm sure is going to be.

    A bit sad because of the cancellation on 9, some friends who already had tickets are… well you know, more than sad. But nothing can be done, so…

    Kisses from Spain, Antxi

  3. Mei said…

    Well it seems the opening night has been cancelled… I hope the next performance will go as planned…

    If you are able to survive to Madrid's heat in July you can manage Milan's heat too…

  4. Chris said…

    Am I correct in thinking that the staging at La Scala will be the Ponelle version of 1972? The one taped with Prey, Berganza, and Alva? If so, I can only applaud La Scala's conservatism, ir not its distressing administration or lack thereof.

  5. Emma said…

    thanks for the reassurance…..

    The "y'all" part made me smile.

    Good luck, you busy, busy, opera star!

  6. Gi said…

    Yes, I've read that things are very difficult presently at La Scala. Here's wishing you the best of luck for the days ahead, and keep calm.

  7. Willym said…

    Not sure that beating the current heat wave in Italy is as difficult as the first task but if anyone can face it down I'm sure you can. So very much looking forward to the performance on the 23rd. And as for the production – my lord I saw it when it was new as at Salzburg back in… well lets just say you weren't even born. The joy will be to see it again with you and the rest of the remarkable cast.

  8. Rachel said…

    Good luck! I wish I could be in Italy to see you. But, alas, I am only a broke music major. haha. I hope things aren't too stressful with all that's going on with the Italian opera houses.


  9. robertodamilano said…

    First night cancelled. Sudden change of conductors. We are so grateful here in Milan that an artist of your calibre is willing to put up with La Scala.


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