Hard Drive Hospital

Well, considering the amount of use (and occasional abuse) my computer endures, it’s not surprising that it needs a tune-up. I am just crossing all my fingers that not too much data is lost (yes, I am backed up, but it’s still an unsettling feeling!) In the meantime my wonderful hubby is loaning me his trusty computer for the moment to give a quick update! I have mixed emotions about how dependent I am on the computer – I don’t like to spend so much time with inanimate objects, but on the other hand, it truly does connect me to the world. If I can master that “moderation” idea, I think I’ll be good to go. (Of course, this also affects my ability to download photos – hence the draught of photographic contributions in the last month or so!) But if the Hard Drive Doctors can work their magic, I should be up and running before too long!

Thank you all for the good wishes for our grand opening here in Chicago! Sunday was a rather strange day, and a hard show for me (details at a later date…), BUT it is Nozze. It is timeless, endless, divine, magical, perfect and sublime. Even under difficult circumstances, it lifts you up, elevates the spirit, and somehow makes everything feel right during those 3 (plus!) hours. As I’ve said, it just never gets old. I truly believe that if there were only one opera to save, it might just have to be this one.

I cannot begin to describe how wonderful it is to perform with such a stellar ensemble – the Lyric held nothing back in casting this show, from the very top to the very bottom. We are all wonderful friends, and the time on stage feels like recess in elementary school – we’re having an absolute blast and truly delighting in each other’s music making and characterizing. Color me so very lucky!!


  1. Dr.B said…

    How was the concert for Philip Gossett?

  2. Mei said…

    Unfortunately hard drives are computer's weakest part, but if you have your data backed up the damage is limited…

    I'm missing your photos… I wish you got your computer on shape soon…

  3. William V. Madison said…

    Most of us are extremely grateful for the time you spend on the computer! But your remark reminds me that the secret of Shangri-La (in Hilton’s Lost Horizon) is: “Moderation in all things, including … moderation.”

  4. Irishrover said…

    When I saw "hospital" in the title I thought you had an accident! Hopefully it's "just" your computer. I do hope you'll be able to have all your data back, it may be a silly thing, but losing one's photos, videos, or music is like losing a part of one's life.

    I read in a review somewhere that your ankle gave you a hard time during the performance, hope it's nothing serious. Thanl God Mozart is there to lift up the pain a little 🙂

    Take care!

  5. Alixkovich said…

    Oh God…loosing your photos would be really horrible for you! I know the feeling…I recently had my YouTube channel removed and I lost all my videos (there were 577 of them! including some of you!). Fortunately in your case it's not all your photos…

    Hoping your computer will recover quickly! hehe

    P.S. If what Marion read is true…is it because I wished you NOT to break a leg that it was your ankle this time? 😛

  6. marcillac said…

    I missed the review mentioning the ankle but you say here that it was a "hard show" for you in one way or another so I certainly hope you're fine. You look awful cute on the video on the web site. Enjoy the rest of the run.

    Needless to say I wish your hard drive a speedy recovery as well. Seriously inconvenient.

  7. Drammy said…

    Yay I get to see you tomorrow! And hopefully I will meander over to the stage door as well.

    Mwah and break a leg 🙂

  8. Green Team Cleaning Consultants of Oak Park said…

    Saw the show on Saturday night and was so pleased! The production was great, the ensemble was better. Of course, you were very wonderful, as I knew you would be. Brava.

  9. David said…

    Wonderful news that you're singing Cendrillon at the Royal Opera next July (2011, so long to wait!) It's such a gorgeous work, rises to fantastic heights in that duet with the Prince on the heath – look foward to divine Alice Coote, too – and hasn't been staged in London, well, I don't know since when. Sang in an amateur production back in the mid-1980s, and Chelsea Opera Group did a concert performance which told us what a masterpiece it is. Will this be your first shot?

  10. Irishrover said…

    @David Nop, she sang the role in Santa Fe, in 2006 if I'm not mistaken. It was in the Pelly production already, which is absolutely gorgeous. If you haven't seen any picture yet, go on website and check out her Cendrillon album, really, it's a fairytale coming to life!

  11. Doug said…

    saw your cherubino tonight. BRAVA. especially non so piu. WOW. it's like we were in mozart's time hearing the original singer. and the conductor was great too 🙂

  12. John Kenneth Adams said…

    Hi Joyce,
    What a tremendous season coming up for you 2010-11. I especially like all these USA performances. I looked to see if our USC library catalog had any of your recordings, after deciding to give some of mine so music majors can hear them. I punched in Joyce Didonato and the file came up "did you mean Joyce Dissonant?" NO, I MEAN JOYCE DIDONATO! Dissonant is the polar opposite of what you have…! They had some interesting earlier recordings, but no recent ones. The broadcast from Madrid was beautifully captured in sound that was remarkably clear and warm. I did so enjoy it. Looking forward to next season!!!, especially Carnegie Hall and Covent Garden.

  13. jeanne.dark said…

    I'm gratefull to find this blog because of getting so good information about a live as an opera singer 😉 You're very very good. Hope to see your concert in Hamburg this year. Wishing you well!

  14. Wolfgang said…

    I am so happy EMI finally released the Barbiere DVD!!! Just ordered it on Amazon, can't wait to enjoy the whole show!!!

    I hope the surgery on your computer was successful and it can soon be released from hospital. Will be glad to hear about your adventures in Chicago… best wishes for the final performances!

  15. gaulimauli said…

    Hi, Joyce-Just read about Ms. Schwanewilms having to drop out.It must have been a difficult decision for her, realizing what a challenge that would present for the rest of the cast. Her understudy must have been sweating blood being suddenly promoted from "peasant girl"to countess. And, of course, your husband getting into the act thickens the plot, hope it all went without a hitch.I guess we'll be hearing from you once K.492 has been laid to rest and Cherubino's costume sent to the cleaners. Stay well!

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