Joyce DiDonato launches OPERA ROCKS, an online space for high school students curious about opera – DiDonato becomes the first singer to fund and run such an initiative

Opera superstar Joyce DiDonato has long been a pioneer in performing artists’ use of social media to connect with her fans and to establish real dialogue with them. DiDonato has also been a fierce and untiring campaigner for arts education and has had led many masterclasses, visits to schools and outreach projects with students of all ages.

Today, DiDonato brings together many of her passions to create Opera Rocks – a place online for mostly high school students to connect with each other about their shared passion for opera. Often feeling isolated at school by their love for this most extraordinary of art forms, Opera Rocks will allow them to share their operatic loves and experiences with other students as well as with DiDonato.
DiDonato has funded Opera Rocks herself and will run it for the students and will be a constant presence as she posts videos, photos and messages to its subscribers.

“I’ve noticed a fabulous trend from social media about young opera lovers: often times in high school, they will feel as if they are the only person on the planet who likes opera because they may be the only one at their school who (secretly!) has a passion for it. Through social media, however, they can connect across cities, states, even countries. Many times a group of 15-20 of them have saved up and made the trip to their “first live opera”, and they meet at the stage door to complete their experience full-circle. It’s been one of the most encouraging things I’ve seen in this business. I am simply giving back to them, letting them know they are not alone, and providing a platform for them to connect and share this wonderful, eye-opening world of opera.” -Joyce

Opera Rocks is a free resource. See the first edition here and join the mailing list.

Check out the introductory video: