Concert: Drama Queens

Philharmonie Essen
Great Queens of the Baroque
Orlandini, Monteverdi, Cesti, Hasse, Porta, Gluck, Handel
With Il Complesso Barocco

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14 hours ago

Hey @hojotoheidi ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL!! What a glorious thing that you was BORN!!!!!! Here's to your MOST spectacular year, yet! XOXO

17 Sep

And so if begins!!!

17 Sep

And so .... then ... there is this. (can't help thinking that Wolfie, himself, would have gotten a kick out of it!)

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We need you to make us feel an integral PART of a shared existence through the communal, universal, forgiving language of music, of dance, of poetry and Art – so that we never lose sight of the fact that we are all in this together and that we are all deserving of a life that overflows with immense possibility, improbable beauty and relentless truth.

~ Joyce DiDonato