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Drama Queens: Larger than Life

“Her Drama-Queens suffer, blaze and rage in an intensity that leaves us nearly breathless. A thoroughbred artist whose expressivity and intimacy, virtuosity and sense of sound are not mutually exclusive, but instead have an addicting alluring effect.” ~ Rondo October 2012

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9 hours ago

Yet another astonishing example of how #ART empowers, lifts up, and gives flight to ALL:

30 Jun

RT @18mrm: Beautiful classical curation on #AppleMusic. I'm impressed.

30 Jun

RT @scott_herr: The #Connect feature of @AppleMusic is pretty cool. I just watched a video where @JoyceDiDonato talked about being in China…

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Bring that innocent, childlike sense of wonder to your craft, and do whatever you need to find that truth again. It will continually teach you how to be present, how to be alive, and how to let go. Therein lies not only your artistic freedom, but your personal freedom as well!

~ Joyce DiDonato