Concert: Drama Queens

Carnegie Hall
Great Queens of the Baroque
Orlandini, Monteverdi, Cesti, Hasse, Porta, Gluck, Handel
With Alan Curtis and Il Complesso Barocco

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9 hours ago

I suppose the thing to say this morning, is "Tanti Affetti"

14 hours ago

I'm in a "Stella" state o' mind .... #stelladinapoli

18 Sep

Hey @hojotoheidi ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL!! What a glorious thing that you was BORN!!!!!! Here's to your MOST spectacular year, yet! XOXO

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We need you to make us feel an integral PART of a shared existence through the communal, universal, forgiving language of music, of dance, of poetry and Art – so that we never lose sight of the fact that we are all in this together and that we are all deserving of a life that overflows with immense possibility, improbable beauty and relentless truth.

~ Joyce DiDonato