Concert: Drama Queens

Carnegie Hall
Great Queens of the Baroque
Orlandini, Monteverdi, Cesti, Hasse, Porta, Gluck, Handel
With Alan Curtis and Il Complesso Barocco

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2 hours ago

RT @sarahwillis: Playing for @JoyceDiDonato on the @BerlinPhil Live Lounge just seen by my Mum in London :-)

2 hours ago

RT @SandyFurman1: @JoyceDiDonato @sarahwillis Fantastic use of technology to bring world together. I love musicians!

2 hours ago

RT @capozziolivia: I have coffee, and this live lounge... My morning is complete! @JoyceDiDonato @sarahwillis

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We need you to remind us what empathy is by taking us deep into the hearts of those who are, God forbid, different than us – so that we can recapture the hope of not only living in peace with each other, but THRIVING together in a vibrant way where each of us grows in wonder and joy.

~ Joyce DiDonato