Concert: Drama Queens

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden
Great Queens of the Baroque
Orlandini, Monteverdi, Cesti, Hasse, Porta, Gluck, Handel
With Alan Curtis and Il Complesso Barocco

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5 hours ago

RT @prof_anne: He was rapt the whole time. And after Don Giovanni last night! RT @JoyceDiDonato: @prof_anne Yahooooo!!! 8-yr olds for the o…

5 hours ago

RT @prof_anne: Wow. @JoyceDiDonato knocked it out of the park. Entire crowd of opera fans cannot contain their excitement incl my 8 y.o. op…

8 hours ago

RT @ellejaymezzo: Intermission at @MetOpera !! Seeing @JoyceDiDonato kill it in La Donna del Lago 😄 Love bringing friends to their first op…

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