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Homecoming: Kansas City Presents Joyce DiDonato

iTunes Exclusive

An iTunes exclusive, Joyce returns home to join her Kansas City Symphony orchestra in a concert broadcast nationally for the PBS Summer Arts Festival.

When Joyce DiDonato comes to town it’s not just an event worth attending. It’s a cause for celebration. The world-famous mezzo-soprano performed with Kansas City Symphony on Friday night at Helzberg Hall, living up to her stellar reputation as one of the world’s premier vocalists.

DiDonato presented music that was sublime and profound.” ~ KC Star

With Michael Stern, Music Director


  1. carlos dimas said…

    adorei joyce didonato

  2. Welcome Home to Kansas City dear Yankee Diva! Your fellow home-town citizens must be so proud of you—quite rightly! I wish I had been there to witness what must have been a wonderful evening

    Jake said it all in the video clip: the human voice is the THE most perfect musical instrument which reaches out to our souls especially an instrument of the quality of yours which has touched me like no other.

    Thank you.
    With every good wish for your continued success—EVERYWHERE! You deserve it because you have earned it through determination and immense hard work. Is it any wonder that we, your fans, love you so much?

  3. Gordon Austin said…

    Joyce DiDonato you have the most perfect blend of life a strong beautifully controlled voice with an all important love of life that is expressed so openly I have not been a strong advocate of opera until I heard yourself I am not an expert up until recently my appreciation of the Soprano voice has been through listening to Madredeus a portugese group she is a Lyric soprano.
    My attraction to your voice is not just your voice but your most positive personality which exudes the love of live and all interactions with other humans..My question is have you any plans in your busy life to come down to New Zealand or (Shudder) Australia (We hate them for their poor ability to play sports Grin )If you have any plans could you advise me of any dates that you would be in New Zealand or Australia in the future

    You are one of lifes most positive people I love how you present your Masterclasses

    Thank you for listening to myself Oxala

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9 hours ago


1 Dec

Save it for the opera! ;-))))))) Have a FABULOUS time tomorrow - raise TONS of money!!!

30 Nov

It's official: CLEARLY there is no hope for the future of opera. (These guys just haven't gotten the message yet.)

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