Joyce triumphs in her first tour to South America: “Exquisito”


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DiDonato, alongside her long-time accompanist, David Zobel, traveled to South America for the first time, giving six concerts spanning four cities: Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, Brazil.

In wide-ranging repertoire that included selections from Handel, Mozart, and Rossini, to Obradors and Hahn, DiDonato took the critics by storm: 

“Joyce DiDonato sang, as only she can do, to tell all the secrets and all the mysteries that are hidden in each of the works of the recital.  DiDonato is a complete artist with a voice of infinite colors and shades…” ~ Pablo Kohan La Nacion August 29

THE BEST OF THE YEAR: Her musicality, absolutely amazing and perfection bordering on obsession.  Her legato is more delicate than we have heard in recent times, her breath control is inexplicable in words …she is simply completely perfect.” ~ Francisco Javier Bernales La Segunda August 24

“There must be few superlatives left to describe Joyce DiDonato in performance, and her debut concert at the Teatro Colón for the Mozarteum Argentino on August 27 was no exception…to start a series of seven songs by Obradors, which in their variety themselves demonstrated the almost infinite shades of colour and range of Ms DiDonato’s voice.” ~ Jonathan Spencer Jones Seen and Heard September 3

*** An avid amateur photographer, you can also view Joyce’s view of South America here.

*** More reviews can be found here.

At the Teatro Colon with David Zobel, Piano

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  1. francisco martoccia said…

    Her concerts at the Teatro Colon (Buenos Aires) were unforgettable! She enjoys singing and she shares her art with the audience. Fantastic. We hope she will return soon.

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