I’m afraid that I am a bit swamped at the moment ~ loads of fabulous music to prepare, not to mention returning to Death Row 4 times in the coming week, but I wanted to just drop in to say that I WILL catch up on the happenings here of  late, of which there is an abundance, but in the meantime, I couldn’t help but share what happiness feels like.  The “real” Sister Helen (or Sistah, as it sounds with that gorgeous Cajun flavor thrown into the mix) is contagious in her unadulterated zest for life, and being a recipient of that joy is addictive!!  Last week was one of the most joyous moments of my life – not only for what we did on stage, but for being surrounded by the most generous, honest, beautiful human beings ~ not only creating something memorable and moving, but sharing life’s abundance.  Yes, way too much to convey late at night before the next show, but please do stay posted!  Cheers!



  1. David said…

    Wow!!!! Never apologise for being swamped with all wonderful things you do and people you work with….Best….

  2. Chris said…

    I note that your recital program consists of four composers. I would imagine it is the same at all venues. Would you be able to put up the precise things you will sing on your blog, so we can get an idea of the program? Thanks.

  3. Charlotte said…

    @CHRIS: Carnegie Hall’s website / calendar states:

    HAYDN – Berenice, che fai, Hob. XXIVa:10

    ROSSINI – “L’invito”; “La partenza”; “Le dodo des enfants”; “Chanson de Zora”

    CHAMINADE – “Viens! mon bien-aimé!”; “Villanelle”; “Aubade”; “L’été”

    ROSSINI – “Assisa al piè d’un salice…Deh, calma,” from Otello

    JAKE HEGGIE – “The Breaking Waves”
    (World Premiere, commissioned by Carnegie Hall)

    In other places she’s singing unspecified songs by Reynaldo Hahn (!) and Italian composer(s)

  4. Laz said…

    DMW was amazing. It was so emotional, so intense, so moving. Some of the best opera I have ever seen! Thank you!

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Can we tawk....😎😎😎

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