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Role Preparation: PART 2!! (Imagination!)

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17 hours ago

RT @El_Universal_Mx: #Cultura @JoyceDiDonato regresó al @mbellasartes. Aseguró que la música puede ayudar a recordar que existe esperanza h…

18 hours ago

Indeed.... https://t.co/bV0GN5pqhB

18 hours ago

José Miguel! It is totally mutual! Gracias for your words and the beautiful book!!! 😊😊😊 https://t.co/syhmaBGBzq

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We need you to remind us what empathy is by taking us deep into the hearts of those who are, God forbid, different than us – so that we can recapture the hope of not only living in peace with each other, but THRIVING together in a vibrant way where each of us grows in wonder and joy.

~ Joyce DiDonato