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Role Preparation: PART 2!! (Imagination!)

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6 hours ago

Hey @hojotoheidi ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL!! What a glorious thing that you was BORN!!!!!! Here's to your MOST spectacular year, yet! XOXO

23 hours ago

And so if begins!!! http://t.co/LVZDu5NXHE

17 Sep

And so .... then ... there is this. (can't help thinking that Wolfie, himself, would have gotten a kick out of it!) https://t.co/U73lsgnJLR

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As an artist, you will never arrive at a fixed destination. THIS is the glory and the reward of striving to master your craft and embarking on the path of curiosity and imagination, while being tireless in your pursuit of something greater than yourself.

~ Joyce DiDonato