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High resolution photos

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  1. Richard said…

    You are truly an extremely talented artist. Bravo!

  2. … four years later I’ve heard-seen you as Donna Elvira in Don Giovanni from 2008 in Royal Opera House. You were and I think your are a multi-wonderful actrice with an enchanting voice and a timbre of silk. Thank you thank you! I wish you a wonderful midwinter days. M
    (youtube.com is my universal opera house!)

  3. Ian-Zachary said…

    You are so great! Love, Ian-Zachary (age 7)

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17 hours ago

#TalkPeace https://t.co/cy51hESnXe

20 hours ago

"In War & Peace: Harmony Through Music" Part 1 https://t.co/F6F806K9HT

26 Aug

Ah yes .... beautiful idea! https://t.co/b2njQqawvT

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