Look, Norma…

It’s NORMA day in the Alps!! Guard your children, dump the cheating Roman’s, and sing joyfully in thirds!

(Can you tell I’m excited for tonight?)

Happy Monday!


  1. pesce42 said…

    Don't break any legs! But, have an amazing opening night! Looks like a glorious day- the picture is spectacular!

    In bocca al lupo!

  2. Taminophile said…

    My favorite opera in my favorite city with some of my favorite singers! How I'd love to be there!

  3. Wolfgang said…

    Good Luck and ENJOY!!

  4. Vanette said…

    I join in the well-wishers chorus. Oh how we would love to be there. By the way the picture is lovely.

  5. Gi said…

    Have fun, sing beautifully and be a huge success.

  6. chris said…

    Marvelous picture. Is this your first Norma? Great opera; great fole.

  7. gaulimauli said…

    I trust it went well. Two pros joined by beautiful music-what else can one ask for.
    Gonna see "Lulu"? They say it's quite a lingerie show.This place must be like a rich opera fan's candy store, every night a new thrill. One could drop 10,000 Euros here without even shopping in the Gasse. Mozart would look on in amazement.
    Well, ruhe sanft.

  8. Klassikfan said…

    It is 1:45 in the morning, but I can't go to sleep after such an outstanding "Norma day/night". This has been something very very special.
    I have never heard such a perfect, celestial vocal harmony between Norma and Adalgisa as it has been between Edita Gruberova and Joyce DiDonato. Obviously it wasn't only me who felt like this because the whole audience almost "exploded" with applause and BRAVI after their long and fascinating duet in Act II.
    The same happened at curtain calls – Edita and Joyce brought the house down. (But let me not forget the "rest" of the cast with such a luxury as Ferruccio Furlanetto in the role of Oroveso, and Marcello Giordani, Ezgi Kutlu and Luciano Bothelo). But anyway, it was the "ladies' night" on stage, and I am glad to have been part of the audience.
    (Sadly, none of the artists came out at the stage door afterwards, but maybe there was a reception?)

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