In celebration…

…of Leontyne Price. Just because.

Yes. Oh yes yes yes.


  1. rebeccawinslow said…

    what a way to start the day
    thank you, Madame Price!
    thank you, Joyce

  2. Irishrover said…

    This video speaks for itself. Thanx for sharing it :)

  3. pablo said…

    Hi Joyce!
    I just saw your Rosina last night in NYC, and I loved it! Im in town job hunting till tuesday, and Graciela is in Berlin. (and if your memory is not serving you, we met briefly in Bruxelles last year, for the Furore)

    much love


  4. steve49w said…

    One of the first recitals I went to in Los Angeles in 1980! AMAZING!

  5. nick said…

    Thanks for sharing that, Joyce. I really needed to see that, and her inspiration couldn't have come at a more opportune time. Hope you're well!

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